Ted Rall and the L.A.P.D: What Really Happened?

Ted Rall

On May 11th, 2015, Los Angeles Times Freelance Political Cartoonist Ted Rall published an Op-Ed relating to an incident he allegedly faced with the LAPD back in 2001.

Rall claimed while being stopped for jaywalking in Los Angeles, an officer of the Los Angeles Police department assaulted him. Rall included descriptions of the officer throwing his driver’s license into the sewer, being thrown up against a wall, and being handcuffed. Rall went on to describe a crowd of onlookers surrounding him during this event, asking officers about the legitimacy of the arrest.

In response to the post, the Los Angeles Police Department presented a 14-year-old recording of the event. Based on this recorded evidence, Rall was fired from the L.A. Times. Since then, Rall has disputed the LA Times and has produced both an enhanced version of the audio and a transcript of what he believes can be heard in the recording.

The L.A. Times commissioned Primeau Forensics to perform forensic audio enhancement on the audio recording provided by the L.A.P.D. The audio evidence was analyzed with the goal of uncovering the events as they occurred. Primeau Forensics holds no bias toward either party and approached the investigation as such.

You can hear the enhanced audio recording here:

Read the Primeau Forensics transcript of the confrontation here.


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