Audio enhancement is the forensic process of clarifying audio recordings using nondestructive techniques to preserve speech intelligibility so that the trier of fact can make determinations about the events within the recording. Above all, the goal of audio enhancement is to preserve the integrity of the audio recording. This process is also known as speech enhancement and voice enhancement.

Often times when a layperson processes an audio recording, they may not be aware that the changes they make to the recording could have a negative effect. The authenticity of the events change, an inaccurate representation of the events makes the recording inadmissible in court. This can also come from an inaccurate perceptual quality change.

In addition, the same is true for the audio quality of a video clip. We also perform audio enhancement on video recordings like police dash cameras, body cameras, Ring CCTV devices to improve speech. That is why we have additional information for your review here on how to enhance the audio in a video file.