New Audio Recording on Michael Brown Shooting: Real or Fake?

michael brownI was contacted today by two media outlets regarding an audio recording that was released last night to CNN. The recording is alleged to be a video chat with the gunshots that killed Michael Brown in the background.
I began my forensic investigation by researching the weapon Officer Wilson used to kill Michael Brown. The weapon is a Sig Sauer P229. Next, I found a video on YouTube of the Sig Sauer P229 being fired. When conducting a forensic comparison, I conclude the weapon in the recording matches the Sig Sauer P229. However, there are other much bigger issues. Why did this person wait so long to release this recording? You would think he would go to authorities immediately!
Next, why did we receive only a portion of an obviously longer recording? Then there is the fact that it sounds like he is reading instead of conversing with his girlfriend like he said he was? Plus, don’t you think he would stop when he hears gunshots? I know I would. Why does he continue to read right through the shots fired?
It seems like a fake recording to me. Something to get attention the day after Michael Brown was laid to rest. Don’t you think the timing is odd for this recording to be released?
Listen for yourself and let me know what you think. Let’s use #MichaelBrownAudio for discussing on Twitter.

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  1. Jerlynne

    yes i also thought this was a fake.

  2. Bob Vitray

    I would like to have the acoustics of location explained. To my ear these do not sound like pistol shots in open air. Too much boom and not enough crack. My AMT .30 sounds like that because the powder is still exploding when the slug leaves the barrel. So maybe the mike was behind a window or around a corner or something that explains what almost sounds like a black powder report. Actually, they sound a lot like the sound effects pistol shots on my “Doctored for Stereo” album from the sixties. I admit I’m no expert and maybe I just have the personality of a short seller, but if I were a betting man I’d vote against their authenticity.

  3. Eun Kull

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