When hiring an audio forensic expert there are a few things you should first consider:

  1. Consider their background experience by examining their curriculum vitae (CV). This is a journal of their work and testimony experience and includes references. You might consider a retainer agreement so both you and the expert have an understanding of each other’s expectations.
  2. Ask the expert to do a pro bono call with you, the client attorney, so the two can establish a strategy on how the audio evidence in your case will be handled.
  3. Call some of the references on the expert’s CV and ask how the expert performed both in court and during the forensic investigation.
  4. Have a clear understanding of the costs involved before beginning any work. What are the costs for expert witness testimony? Are there any travel expenses involved and if so, what are they? Has your lawyer ever worked with an audio forensic expert? If not, explain to the expert your circumstances so they can proceed accordingly and help everyone involved better understand the evidence and how it relates to your case.

Part of the audio forensic expert’s job is to help you; the attorney’s and courts better understand audio evidence and simplify the explanation and reasoning so the appropriate outcomes can be reached.

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