Five Tips on Voice Identification

  • voice identification Try your hardest to create your exemplar using the same equipment that made the original recording. Phone = Phone. CI Digital = Digital Olympus.
  • When creating your exemplar, have a third party non-biased impartial witness to confirm your identity. That way, your voice sample will not be challenged.
  • Make a transcript of your original recording to use when creating your exemplar. That way, you will have a written version of the recording to refer to.
  • When creating your voice sample or exemplar, you do not have to record the entire conversation. Rather, record the portions that contain unique dialogue or dialect.
  • Ask your suspect to be natural and cooperate when creating your exemplar. They shouldn’t try to disguise their voice. Audio forensic experts can work around an attempted disguise.

photo credit: Olympus LS-20M via vecteezy (license)

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