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Audio Expert Witness Testimony

At Primeau Forensics we believe that expert witness testimony begins with an in-depth forensic investigation. It is our opinion that every forensic investigation should be processed as if it were going to trial. Our team of experts provide testimony when the investigation has a rock-solid scientific foundation. For the expert witness testimony to be successful, our experts MUST remain unbiased throughout the investigation, as well as in the courtroom.


Nothing solidifies integrity better than a humble, third party, unbiased approach to a case. The experts at Primeau Forensics are investigators, technicians and scientists first, expert witnesses second. Our favorite part of expert witness testimony is explaining the relevance of the forensic analysis to the trier of fact. Lastly, our experts are all properly qualified under Federal Rule 702 for expert witness testimony.


When it comes to testifying, the forensic expert and client attorney spend as much time necessary to prepare. Every time we testify, we bring a list of questions to review with our client attorney as a foundation for our preparation time together. Not only does this save the attorney time but it helps them to better understand how to present the facts from the forensic investigation when testifying.


We understand that the deposition process is designed to gather information from us that may be presented in court. Our experts at Primeau Forensics are thick skinned and know how to calmly answer the questions they are asked. We know how important it is to simply answer the question instead of over answering or trying to follow the thought process of the deposing lawyer.

Before we walk into the deposition room, we have met with the client attorney to discuss the facts from my report, other facts in the case that we should be aware of (like other expert deposition testimony) and most importantly anticipated direct examination questions the deposing lawyer will ask. Based on our experience deposition preparation meetings are anywhere from two to six hours. We do not bill our client for the entire amount of time preparing but rather under promise and overdeliver.

Courtroom Testimony

When under oath the expert witness has sworn to speak accurately and truthfully. Much like a deposition, courtroom testimony can be an intense situation for an expert. Our experts understand the process of direct and cross examination. When we prepare for testimony, we anticipate all questions that will be asked of us during direct and cross examination. We understand that our attorney clients will never ask a question that they don?t know the answer to.  Again, educating the tier of fact is important to our experts, so that the scientific analysis is understood in a simply yet compelling way.

After 35+ years in business testifying as an audio & video forensic expert, our lead forensics expert Edward Primeau has worked with and learned from some of the greatest trial lawyers in the world. This experience has strengthened Primeau Forensics? expert witness performance in the court room. We have testified in local, state and Federal courts all over the USA and worked with lawyers around the world. We really know how to help a legal team develop a solid trial strategy. Click HERE to learn about what some of them have said.

One great trial lawyer had this to say about our lead expert witness, Ed Primeau:

?Ed Primeau is the best at what he does! As a trial attorney, I depend on experts to educate me in the relevant field for which they are hired. My focus has always been on finding an expert who not only simplifies the subject area, but is also creative in approach. I recently had a case in which I needed an audio and video forensic expert. I found Ed. Ed is a genius and was absolutely amazing in front of the jury.?

– Attorney Nenye Uche

If you have a video that you question or need help understanding, please give me a call for a pro bono conversation. I apply my forensic expertise to cases in the United States and many countries around the globe. Any and all formats of audio and video accepted. Retainer agreement available on request; travel expenses will be quoted in advance excluding meal expenses and flat rate time for travel instead of hourly.

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Ed Primeau’s Curriculum Vitae has several references which include cases he has testified in as well as clients he has worked for in these cases.