1991 Trump Masqueraded-The Voice Is NOT Donald Trump

In 1991, recordings thought to include the voice of President Donald Trump was thought to have posed as a publicist to brag about himself. Full story can be seen here: https://www.apnews.com/5f3ad25e150b1c20074abfa9160d30a5

According to forensic testing using Biometric Voice Identification testing, the voice recordings thought to be Donald Trump are not the voice of Donald Trump.

known v unknown - 1991 Trump Masqueraded-The Voice Is NOT Donald Trump

A lead story from Washington Post this morning is regarding a recording that was thought to be Donald Trump. Trump denied the recording was his voice. Primeau Forensics was asked by The Washington Post to perform a forensic voice identification test to determine if the unknown voice in the Washington Post story features the voice of Donald Trump.

Voice Identification is the process of comparing ‘known’ voice samples in a recording against a recording of an ‘unknown’ voice to determine if the speakers are consistent. In this case, the ‘unknown’ sample recording is the publicist recording. Audio Forensic Expert makes use of critical listening, frequency and waveform analysis, and employs voice biometric software to ensure that the analysis is accurate.

Our senior expert, Ed Primeau has been practicing audio forensics for over 35 years. He has specific training in Voice Identification Analysis and has extensive experience testifying in court.

Primeau Forensics located a C-Span interview from 1991 titled ‘Donald Trump on Economic Recovery’. We chose this recording as the ‘known’ voice of President Donald Trump voice for forensic comparison. Therefor, we chose this older voice sample because it was closer in time to the ‘unknown’ recording.

The biometric software program that we used is a Speech Pro Product titled ‘SIS 2’. We formatted each speech sample and loaded them into the biometric software.

The result was a 97.5% mismatch meaning the ‘unknown’ voice recording that surfaced in the Washington Post today is NOT the voice of Donald Trump.
The image above is a screen shot of ‘SIS 2’ with the test results highlighted.

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