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Audio Enhancement

The audio enhancement processes will reduce "unwanted sounds" or background noise...

forensic sound analysis

Audio Authentication

Determine if your audio recording used as evidence is authentic or manipulated and generate opinions...

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Expert Witness Testimony

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Recorded Evidence in Litigation

Digital audio recordings used as evidence are considered of high probative value to the courtroom, when authenticated. Audio recordings can be an ear-witness to crimes to assist the Trier of Fact in making a determination. For example, an audio forensic expert can enhance a recording so that the ear-witness can testify more clearly. In addition to audio enhancement, our forensic sound analysis experts offer forensic audio services including forensic audio analysis and forensic transcription.

The primary roles of audio forensic services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • establishing the integrity of audio evidence
  • performing forensic audio enhancement of audio recordings to improve speech quality of low-level sounds
  • interpreting and documenting sonic evidence, such as identifying speakers, transcribing dialog  and reconstructing crime or accident scenes and timelines

We have been engaged in high profile forensic investigations, such as U.S. V ZimmermanMalaysia Airlines Flight 370, and Laquan McDonald. Additionally, with the help of researcher Bill Kelly, Edward Primeau assembled and restored the Air Force One recordings from the day that JFK was assassinated. As a result, these recordings were submitted into the National Archives in Washington, DC. Edward also performed video analysis for The Detroit Pistons vs The Indiana Pacers brawl in Detroit, MI in 2004. 

Co-owner Michael Primeau has been featured on the show Expedition Unknown. In particular, Michael presented his analysis and opinions in the Roswell, New Mexico Alien landing on The Travel Channel


forensic audio analysis
forensic audio analysis

Our audio forensic expert witness has processed over 1,000 forensic investigations. Our experts have testified in over 150 cases in local, state and federal courts. Most importantly, all investigations we perform are based on scientific best practices. This means that your case will be processed with forensic accuracy. 

Ultimately, Primeau Forensics’ team of technicians, analysts and experts will help you decode the forensic audio analysis in a meaningful way. They do this best by providing forensic sound analysis investigations and expert reports that are both easy to understand and court-friendly.

Recorded Audio Evidence

We offer forensic audio services on many types of audio recordings including but not limited to the following:

Law Enforcement and Government Clients

What is the role of your audio Evidence?

Our experts provide pre-trial preparation and expert witness testimony. We work with attorneys, judges, police officers and government agencies. Ultimately, people choose to work with us in order to understand the relevance of their video recordings. 

Edward Primeau, senior audio expert, has testified in local, state and federal courts all over the United States. He has provided forensic audio services on cases internationally. Primeau Forensics’ team of technicians are trained through accredited agencies including LEVA (Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association), IAI (International Association for Identification), Resolution Video and NCMF (National Center for Media Forensics). 

Nothing solidifies integrity better than a humble, third party, unbiased approach to a case. The experts at Primeau Forensics are investigators, technicians, and scientists first, expert witnesses second. Our favorite part of expert witness testimony is explaining the relevance of the forensic sound analysis to the Trier of Fact. Lastly, our experts are all properly qualified under Federal Rule 702 for expert witness testimony.

The Primeau Forensic team has successfully completed hundreds of cases worldwide and our clients’ satisfaction remains our number one priority.

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