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Audio Forensic Services

30+ Years in Forensic Audio Analysis

The primary roles of an audio forensic expert are establishing the authenticity of audio evidence, performing enhancement of audio recordings to improve speech intelligibility and the audibility of low-level sounds; interpreting and documenting sonic evidence, such as identifying speakers, transcribing dialog, and reconstructing crime or accident scenes and timelines.

Our experts have processed over 5,000 forensic investigations and provided expert testimony in over 500 cases in local, state, and federal courts. Experienced forensic experts can help you decipher the content into meaningful data by providing expert reports that are both easy to understand and court friendly.

Recorded Audio Evidence

We examine and analyze many types of audio recordings including but not limited to the following:

  • Phone calls
  • iPhone recordings
  • 911 Dispatch
  • Law Enforcement Dash Camera
  • Law Enforcement Wire Tap
  • Concealed Audio Recorders
  • Confidential Informant
  • CCTV Surveillance Audio
  • Voice Mail (butt dial)

Suggested reading if you doubt your audio recording integrity:

Law Enforcement and Government Clients

  • The Attorney General New York
  • U.S. State Attorney’s Office (Detroit)
  • FBI
  • Sparks Nevada Police
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • West Bloomfield Police 
  • Novi Police
  • Detroit Airport Authority
  • Judicial Tenure Commission
  • Hazel Park Police 

What is the role of your audio evidence?

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Our audio forensic experts also provide pre-trial preparation and expert witness testimony. We assist attorneys, courts, and government agencies so they understand the relevance of the audio recording. Edward Primeau, our senior audio expert, has testified in local, state and federal courts all over the United States. He has also worked internationally.

Ed has personally mentored and taught his team of forensic technicians to always follow the best practices set forth by the scientific community. As a result, our audio experts have assisted hundreds of litigation’s with investigation. Our clients customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority, Learn More. 

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