What is Audio Forensics?



Audio forensics is the scientific approach to recovering, evaluating, enhancing, clarifying, or authenticating audio recordings to be used in court and other legal matters. Audio forensic recordings in criminal and civil litigation may be presented by an audio forensic expert or law enforcement professional. They may have been recorded by a private individual or part of a process of an accident investigation.

A forensic expert has classroom training, on the job experience and has testified in court cases. Even though not all audio forensic experts testify, having the knowledge skill and ability to perform scientific analysis of audio recordings is a qualification and requirement as an audio forensic expert.

The audio forensic expert has classroom training in digital signal processing in order to forensically enhance or authenticate an audio recording. The goal of the audio forensic expert is to help the Trier of Fact understand the relevance of an audio recording pertaining to a court case.

The expert keeps a log of all scientific work and observations performed during an investigation in the forensic lab. Every observation and detail is noted and documented following Best Practices and Procedures set out in the scientific community and observed in the audio forensic lab protocols.

When performing an evidence recovery, the audio forensic expert performs research on the electronic devise that created the recording or evidence prior to performing the Forensic Audio Investigation. The research performed reveals idiosyncratic behavior of the equipment that created it. Part of the forensic process most important to audio forensics is the authentication process. This assures the Trier of Fact of the integrity of the recording as evidence in a court of law.  Audio experts work alongside the device’s technical support team to ensure that the evidence is handled properly and the highest quality export is extracted from the device.


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Ed Primeau’s Curriculum Vitae has several references which include cases he has testified in as well as clients he has worked for in these cases.