Primeau Forensics Restored Air Force One Recordings from John F. Kennedy Assassination

Passing the Torch-An International Symposium on the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy will be happening October 17-19 2013 in Pittsburgh.

A while back, Bill Kelly contacted Primeau Forensics and asked Audio Forensic Expert Ed Primeau to assemble and restore the original Air Force One radio transmissions that were recorded the day JFK was assassinated 50 years ago.

According to Primeau, ‘the quality of technology back then was very poor which weighs heavy on understanding the dialogue of the radio transmissions even after restoration’. Then Primeau had an idea, to have Partner Company Primeau Productions create a video which displays the wording on the bottom of the screen displaying the dialogue from the radio transmissions as they occurred.

Primeau sought some authentic footage from a private jet cockpit via a pilot who is a friend of Primeau Productions so the background footage adds an interesting background to the closed caption type text.

For more information on the conference contact:

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7 Responses to “Primeau Forensics Restored Air Force One Recordings from John F. Kennedy Assassination”

  1. Leslie Ford says:

    The restoration of this audio recordings will really help put some light into the case that has not been solved for decades already. It is a vital piece of the puzzle that has been boggling the minds of the people for a very long time already.

  2. Absolutely, Leslie. There were many questions those recordings answered about the whereabouts of General LeMay that day.

    For more info about the recordings, visit, who recently interviewed Ed Primeau about them in more detail.

  3. Poppy Bush says:

    Where are all the LeMay transcipts? I’ve heard far more on other transcripts…..

  4. Tracy says:

    Very interesting indeed.. Just boggles my mind that we have a government so corrupt then as it is now. You will never convince me that JFK death wasn’t done by people he knew and trusted..

  5. Dan says:

    This is so interesting to hear!! So many people involved and none of them are sure of what needs to be done. I am certain that protocols were established in 1963 for an event such as this!

  6. Kevin says:

    Do you have any idea what radio system or frequencies were used to transmit/receive these transmissions? The transmissions sound very similar to modern day air force HFGS transmissions on 8992 kHz. I was able to understand almost all of the transmissions that the captions listed as illegible. If there are parts of the audio you can’t understand, I would suggest asking a seasoned ham radio operator, they will more than likely be able to understand low or broken up audio.

  7. We will be continuing to further restore the audio and update the transcript as time permits. Thank you everyone for your feedback and suggestions.
    Ed Primeauu

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