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Audio Forensic Expert Ed Primeau JFK


As an Audio Forensic Expert and Expert Witness,  I have analyzed hundreds of audio recordings for authentication, clarification and voice identification in both analogue and digital formats. Some examples include answering machine and voice mail recordings, concealed audio recordings and confidential informant wire recordings, providing pre-trial preparation and expert witness testimony to assist attorneys, courts, and government agencies.

The following list describes types of forensic services I offer as an expert witness:

When analyzing audio recordings, I use a three-prong approach. First, I use skills learned from 34 years as an audio engineer specializing in spoken word recordings. I developed my critical listening skills while recording and editing hundreds of hours of voice recordings. During the same time, I was trained in noise reduction, equalization and acoustics.

I have literally analyzed hundreds if not thousands of recordings as an audio forensic expert. I have clarified, and/or restored hundreds of spoken word recordings to better hear poorly recorded conversations, using critical listening skills, computer technology and visual examination of audio and videotape evidence. If you would like more information, please call 800-647-4281, or click here to fill in our online submission form.

I apply my forensic expertise to cases in the United States and many countries around the globe.

Ed Primeau
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