Audio Enhancer Tips for Concealed Recordings

concealed recordingsAs an audio forensic expert, I receive audio recordings that were created in noisy public environments. One of the activities that I am often asked to do is to enhance these audio recordings so the conversation can be clearer and can be used in litigation. One of the tips that I would like to offer in this post is this: an ounce of prevention is often the best remedy. In other words, instead of putting the audio recorder in your pants pocket, purse, briefcase or other type of bag, consider wearing a garment that has a lapel pocket where the digital audio recorder can be easily be placed. Placing the digital audio recorder in the lapel pocket of a shirt or sport coat allows the microphone to be closer to the sound source or conversation than if it were placed in a bag or briefcase under the table or on the floor.

A second tip is to consider the recording location. Oftentimes when litigators create concealed recordings, they meet the opposing party in a public location. Public locations tend to be noisy, so the recorder picks up the noisy background disturbances in addition to the conversation that’s important to the litigation. When you choose the public location to record your conversation, pick the quietest spot at the location. Arrive early so you—the person creating the recording,—can choose the quietest spot at the location. Listen carefully when you walk into the location and find the quietest spot or table to sit at when creating your recording.

The third tip is to make sure that your recorder is functioning properly. Many conversations are lost because of a low battery, a microphone pointing in the wrong direction, or not enough space on the memory of the recorder. So before you make your concealed audio recording, make sure you have fresh batteries in your recorder and make sure the folder you are recording your conversation into has plenty of space for the duration of your conversation. (You can check this by looking at the manual for your recorder and determining how you can assign your folders for the most optimum use of your storage space.) You also want to make sure that you have enough storage space left on your digital audio recorder. Delete any recordings that are not needed—or, if the conversation is valuable, purchase a new digital audio recorder. Olympus is one of the most reliable manufacturers of digital pocket recorders.

These audio enhancer tips for concealed recordings will help you to successfully create a recording of your conversation for use in litigation. And remember: do NOT delete the original recording from your recorder in case there is ever a question of the integrity of your concealed recording.

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